Making Connections Collaborators

Making Connections is a loose network of collaborations international and local.

Thomas Greil

is a practitioner and trainer of Body-Mind Centering®, especially for the work with babies, and a JKA practitioner. He works with all ages since more than 20 years. His interest in children with disabilities and their families comes from his research of human development, neuroscience, healing trauma and embodiment. He lives in Faenza, Italy, where he directs together with Carla Bottiglieri minima somatica, a nucleus of somatic research in practices and narratives of embodiment.

Carla Bottiglieri

A dancer and scholar of somatic practices and philosophies, Carla Bottiglieri is a teacher and practitioner of Body-Mind Centering® and a practitioner of Rolfing®/Structural Integration. She has been a guest teacher in licensure and master’s programs in dance at the University of Paris 8, Nice/Sophia Antipolis, Stockholm/DOCH, Santiago del Cile/Universidad Mayor, and lectured at centers of choreographic training and research, such as PACAP/Forum Dança in Lisbon, the Contredanse Association in Brussels, and the Manufacture/Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale, in Lausanne.

Anka Sedlačková

Anka Sedlačková is a dancer and performer, teaching in the Academy of Arts in Bratislava. She has been studying BMC® since 2000 and graduated as an Infant Development Movement Educator, BMC® Practitioner and BMC® Teacher. In 2003 she started to work with babies and children with special needs. Together with Angelika Kováčová founded non-profit organization Babyfit which is focusing on the education in the field of developmental movement. She has been teaching in France, Japan, Czech Republic.

Paola Ponti

Paola Ponti is a dancer, choreographer, dancer-educator, Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME), teacher of Infant Massage AIMI, in training method Child ‘Space (matrix Feldenkrais). Her approach is based on a culture of observation of the child and the adult in its entirety and uniqueness, without setting fixed and rigid goals, but starting from listening to the child itself. Facebook 

Michela Turrini

Michela Turrini graduated in Classical Literature, is a dancer, dance-movement therapist APID ® and leads workshops of Contakids and Danceability®. Her professional training continues to date at the degree in Psychosocial Disciplines and, in the somatic field, through Body-Mind Centering®. Her proposals cover the educational, artistic and formative fields and are addressed to children, teenagers, adults and elderly, including those with special needs and psycho-physical fragilities.

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