Making Connections

More than 30 hours of online training

A series of Recordings of Online Meetings
with Anka Sedlačková and Thomas Greil

10 Online Meetings

A series of 10 online meetings for Parents, Therapists, Educators and other Professionals
March to June 2021  with the following topics:

1. Development of the Senses
2. Touch and Movement
3. Gravity and Space
4. Weight and Balance
5. Primitive Reflexes
6. Righting and Equilibrium Responses
7. Tone and Posture
8. The Autonomic Nervous System and co-regulation
9. Observation, facilitation, play
10. Supporting independence and agency of the child  

4 Online Meetings

Additional 4 meetings
September to December 2021
with the following topics:

1. Spine, head and neck
2. Pelvis and hips
3. Hands, arms and shoulders
3. Feet, legs and hips 

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Recordings of Online Meetings (on Vimeo)

Each meeting/ recording is about 3 hours long and includes an introduction the the topic of the meeting, explorations and discussions with a strong focus on the application. We show short videos which create a link between the personal experience of the participants and the work with the children.

Please write to us, if you are interested in hosting a

Making Connections workshop in your region or online.

Faenza, Italia